Do you think video messaging will be a lot different after COVID-19?

Tanoy Chowdhury
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I'm working on a new blog — Video messaging in the pre, present and post-covid. Video messaging has come into the spotlight after COVID-19. Yes, it did exist even before that, but now it's more popular than before. Do you think it will continue to enjoy this attention, or will it diminish after COVID-19 is wiped out? Do share your feelings, quirky ideas and thoughts on video messaging and its transformation.


Alexandra Thomas
@tanoy27 I think it will likely maintain its popularity in the future; however it will perhaps become less of a reflex. The ways of working post-Covid will have been transformed to the extent that people will more often work remotely or perhaps will avoid trying to meet in large groups, and travel, in the next few years. Video messaging, although at first sometimes quite awkward, has helped us to continue working efficiently and maintaining that social contact that we all need!
Tanoy Chowdhury
Awesome reply! I have the same feeling that remote working will be followed more widely now. Companies will start embracing the hybrid working model eventually. And, with that, we can expect videos to become even more popular. Thanks for commenting, Alexandra
Tanoy Chowdhury
@akinori_nakajima Thanks Akinori. Do you think it will be more prevalent? Do you see more products venturing into this space?
Tanoy Chowdhury
@zoya_fatima What do you think will be different?
Gracelyn Aditya
Yes Definitely. That's Right. MyBalanceNow
Albert Kozlowski
I have built my new startup ( around async video messaging. In my opinion remote working is just a first step, async work as a standard is another. We should be able to decide where and when we work. Not everyone is productive at the same time. Sending short video messages to your colleagues is the best of the two worlds, allows you to be personal and use non verbal queues and work when and how you want. I wouldn't be able to come back to video calls for e.g. daily stand-ups after working like that in the last months.
Tanoy Chowdhury
@albertkoz I sincerely apologize, Robert for not being able to reply to your message early. The last 2 weeks were crazy for me. I checked out your product, and it looks amazing. It's so good to see many companies focusing on async communication and making work in remote environment more friendly. I agree with you that employees should enjoy the power of deciding where and when they want to work. Thanks for commenting. And, my best wishes to you and your team.
Sreeraj Karippala
Of course! even in 2024 my team effectively using Video Messengers in project management. actually, I've been part of #Back Professional Video Messaging app for the past couple of years and It's improved clarity, boosted productivity, and reduced meetings by 60%. beyond screen recording, #Back offers project management features like project creation, team assignments, milestones, and progress tracking. Give it a try: It's effective.