What are the benefits of using Notion in your business? 🤔

Artem Misiura
7 replies
I'd like to learn more about how businesses use Notion to meet their goals. I personally find it useful in the areas of recruitment, sales, and marketing. At Spark X we use Notion for: * Applicant tracking system (ATS) * Customer relationship management (CRM) * Receiving requests from the website form * Documentation I know that Notion is really great, and I'd be interested in hearing your suggestions for achieving this potential.


Aleks Dahlberg
At sahha.ai we use it as a data entry tool for anything that needs to be shared company wide, we also have our own personal work spaces on it
Siena Romes
I use it for personal tasks. It helps me keep track of what I've done and what I'm going to do next for work.
Andrew Glenn
We don't use it.
Qudsia Ali
Our marketing team uses notion for almost every marketing-related task. They use notion for task management, long-form writing, note-taking, Content creation, creatives, media calendars, performance sheets, and whatnot.