What are some startups you've come across that ship awesome features with consistent cadence?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Fajar Siddiq
What is the meaning of cadence?
Musharof Chowdhury
@stefan_smiljkovic @fajarsiddiq he is from product hunt internal team, his post always get featured. Whenever I visit product hunt one of his post will be trending on homepage for sure. Taking full advantage of power or maybe something we don't know 😅
Musharof Chowdhury
@fajarsiddiq I think product hunt wants to increase engagement in discussion section by creating contents. But why the same content guy all the time IDK.
Sharath Kuruganty
@fajarsiddiq It means in a consistent interval :) Not many startups maintain that flow and I was curious to know from the community who they pick!
Gabriele Sangrigoli
@fajarsiddiq @stefan_smiljkovic ''Cadance'' means how often something happen. Consistent cadance in this contest means ''Do you know start ups that posts awesome features often and keep doing it?''
Gabriele Sangrigoli
@stefan_smiljkovic @fajarsiddiq @musharofchy It's normal. They are comunity managers/developers. Their role is to build a comunity. I find these type of posts extremely useful to connect to other and to find new great products too! :)
Evan Stewart
MicroAcquire is ahead of the game right now. Not only do they ship, but everything they ship has incredible value to their community.
Sharath Kuruganty
@evst 100% with you. MicroAcquire has been killing it lately, and they are launching some excellent features helping a lot of founders!
Carsten Pleiser
@evst @5harath totally agree here. MicroAcquire is doing really well, also from a marketing stand point. Andrew (https://www.linkedin.com/in/agaz...) is posting his updates on LinkedIn almost daily.
Stefan Smiljkovic
https://www.bannerbear.com/ have great consistent updates on new features and growth.
Sharath Kuruganty
@stefan_smiljkovic Jon Yongfook is a legend! The way he launched 12 products in 12 months is inspiring. Definitely, someone to follow.
sachin londhe
https://mdx.one/ - the speed at which new features are being added is truly admirable
Saurabh Chandarana
I think Notion does a good job with shipping features while maintaining the growth.
Knights Gram
Microaquire has been killing it
Anish Upadhayay
What do you mean exactly?
robiul haque
A clear and concise positioning statement provides the scaffolding for a pithy and memorable articulation of your value proposition, often the first step toward a tagline or initial sound bite. More than a clever turn of phrase, such an idea can be an important tool in helping new people cross over from never having heard of you to wanting to learn more about what you do. The key to a phrase with that kind of power is simplicity. The reason for this is human nature itself, which drives us all to simplify the world around us. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and distracted all the time and bombarded with information. To cope with this information overload, we categorize the offerings we come across and boil down our understanding into simple concepts that we can remember. If your message is overly complex, it won’t be understood the way you hope, and won’t be remembered. If forced to describe what they heard, your audience will often simplify your message for you, and categorize your product in ways that will horrify you. That is why we need to simplify our messages first. The best brands understand this and have invested in creating simple messages their target audience can immediately identify with. One of the best examples of this was Steve Jobs describing the iPod as “1,000 songs in your pocket”. This simple short message cut through all the features and boiled everything down to the key benefit that the iPod gave the user. Because it was so simple, clear and memorable, it stuck, and Apple got massive editorial exposure for free. When you look back on all the articles and reviews, they all included the “1,000 songs in your pocket” message in either their headline or the first few sentences. For startups, try to boil everything you’re doing down into a simple idea that expresses the emotional power your product brings to its users. For example, Airbnb started out as a way rent unique places, and Zendesk is about getting you closer to your customer.
Deep Dave
Readup: https://readup.com/ - Cool community for readers. Recently they launched subscriptions that can be divided among writers based on the length of the articles. https://readup.com/mission https://readup.com/leaderboards/...
Carlos Urban
Did anyone know what's the best company for 3PL in Melbourne
Sofya Narbut
I think I'm the biggest Procreate fangirl. Though the updates are not very frequent (they take about a year), there are huge steps and not just little tweaks. Every version is an innovation. They are soon to release 3D painting and I'm really excited to get my hands on this new feature!
Archisman Das
I have been surprised by the pace of innovation happening in Coinbase in spite of it being a public company now!
Naomi James
Autocadindia.com Is one of the best start up in Asia. They are providing cheapest but best Autocad solutions.