What are some of the business survival / growth tactics you are using in this recession?

Mayank Jain
11 replies
Mass layoffs are happening across. The recession is real and even startups are impacted. While one has to extend the runway, but also grow the business. What are some of the things you are trying to combat the slowdown?


Carl Welch
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Kevin Xu
I don't remember where I heard this, but in a recession like this, a startup's main focus should just be to survive. By just surviving you are beating the competition as many startups will fail.
Riley Mills
I think the key is in intelligent hiring... Companies shouldn't over hire or under hire. The management has to understand that people's lives are not a joke!
Akshat Jain
I think Sustainable growth and innovation is the way to go about it. This can also be an opportunity, where most of the companies will be struggling just to survive.
Rhea Reanoga
Forecast showed that this year, more companies will opt to hire project-based talents. That's one key to save cost. I found Wizly to be super helpful on this.
Uday Patel
Try to create small souces of income like small SaaS, Service in one niche, Sell courses or guides and your existing business. So you can survive the recession if you have multiple channels of income. It doesnt have to be in hundreds of thousand dollars small income matters
Gaurav Goyal
Be extremely frugal and save money wherever possible.
Amanda Trincher
Just thinking about the possibility of automating or improving other processes. Often, software or equipment can replace a lack of manpower, or improve efficiency. For example, for my chain of bars, I purchased block ice machines, which help me save a lot of time on preparing ice for drinks.
Anastasia C
divide the service I provide into small sections. it really helps with customer growth since it lowers the price threshold.
Markus Jenul
I hope this helps a couple of B2B sellers in here: 12 Must Have's For B2B Sales Teams To Win During a Recession. https://www.kickscale.com/post/1...
Tatiana Vdovychenko
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