What are some life lessons you learned in 2020?

Sachin Tiwari
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2020 has reinforced the fact that anything can happen at a moment’s notice. This extraordinary situation has changed our views on health, family, work, resilience, and the community, and it has truly provided the gift of life lessons. The year 2020 has taught me to be more patient and compassionate with myself and others. It has taught me that uncomfortable discussions are required to advance our understanding of one another. It has taught me to focus and enjoy the small things in life that make us smile and laugh. It has taught me that even as an introvert, I am still human, and humans need social connection. On the flip side, it has also taught me that people are just gross!


Duolingo--Spanish and french
Don't sweat the small stuff.
advait vaidya
Intent is the most important thing. Just start the journey and in between, remind yourself why you started. I did the same thing. I went from a non programmer to launching a SAAS product in 3 months. I have jotted down the story here.. https://cutt.ly/jjrwdwW
Sachin Tiwari
@advait_vaidya Great Job bro!! I really like your hubbleform https://hubbleform.com/ ... Do launch it here too.. Am 100% sure this will going to be the next big thing!! All the best!!
Moritz Wallawitsch
Some remote-work-related ones: - solitude can be highly productive - commuting takes a lot of time
Saminathan Viswanathan
Consume but at the same time, create as well. There is always a better tomorrow
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