Why Security and Privacy Matters?

Sachin Tiwari
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Security and Privacy are everyone's right! It should be by design and not by policies. Agree? Comment with your favorite tool. Operating System: Linux Search Engine: Duck Duck Go Web Browser: Brave Messenger: Signal Password Manager: Bitwarden Free Email Account: Proton Mail VPN: Proton VPN Email Delivery Service (ESP): MimePost Physical Privacy: Webcam Sticker


The problem is that by losing some privacy you actually pay for many services that wouldn't exist otherwise. Just don't share too much on purpose. In most cases, what they legally harvest about you is just general data.
Skyler Bissell
@andrey_mi I used to think this as well and personally was not as concerned about privacy as I am currently. Then I read The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff and it shifted by whole worldview on the broader landscape. At this point, I think all humans need to ask themselves whether 'legally harvest' = 'morally harvest'. I would argue that what is legally, currently, is borderline insanity. Further, it's a common misconception that 'general data' isn't valuable or potentially invasive. Zuboff cites a few studies in her book that talk about this and basically points out that even a few 'general' data points, when combined, are enough to be incredibly personalized. So if I share even just 1 or 2 additional, seemingly innocuous data points, from each service (say Ring, Nest, and a health tracker) I now have provided enough of a graph to be far more personalized than the average consumer ever understands.
Sachin Tiwari
@andrey_mi The harvesting of our personal details goes far beyond what many of us could imagine... Get some time out from your busy schedule and read this blog once: Are you ready? Here is all the data Facebook and Google have on you
Thanks for the recomendation
Ocean Dean
It is so sad that facebook and whatsapp are not even refusing they are selling their users data, Durov (telegram CEO) is firing whatsapp and facebook everyday, you can read more about it here So the only private corner in internet is telegram I think, every website is asking you to share your personal data..wtf.
Alex David
For a password manager I use pass - https://www.passwordstore.org/. It is a simple, auditable bash script that wraps gpg for encryption and git for syncing. Because it uses standard open source tools it is trivial to extend it. For example you can combine it with dmenu and xdotool and you won't need a browser extension, which is just one zero day away between a malicious website and a service that decrypts your passwords and caches the decryption key.
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