💻 What are some apps you use every day with your remote team?

Vio Vanica
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Raghav Goyal
Notion, Discord, Telegram. Notion for collaboration and documentation. Discord as a virtual office space and quick audio & and video communication. Telegram for quick text communication.
Chandan Das
Hubstaff, skype and google drive
Elen Udovichenko
Slack, Whereby, Google Suite apps, Trello
John McD
AweSun for remote access and file transfer, Zoom for meeting
Avi 🤝
One imp app segment is apps that help improve the engagement and performance of remote teams through gamification of incentives or financial rewards for them. We just launched VenEx, an app that gamifies this based on Wealth Points that the company/managers can grant to their team members based on their initiatives, performance and longevity of employment. Let us know what you think of it!