What after ProductHunt?

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ProductHunt might be the coolest place to launch our products, in fact, PH got me 14.2K visitor for my website in a week and helped me get an order on the first day of launch and I thank the whole community for that. So after a successful launch what a SaaS founder should do, of course, marketing but what are the coolest growth hacks according to you? Mine: Writing blog posts 😉


Fabian Maume
There are few other places where you can list your saas: startuptabs.com startupbuffer.com crunchbase.com f6s.com startupproject.org startupstash.com startupranking.com www.startups-list.com 10words.io startupresources.io www.betabound.com https://alternative.me/ https://alternativeto.net/ https://www.g2crowd.com/ https://www.getapp.com/ https://www.saashub.com/ https://stackshare.io/ https://www.goodfirms.co/ But If you have a successful PH launch I would recommend you, to focus on user satisfaction and collecting feedback to improve your product. If you have happy customers it will help you leverage G2 and Capterra by getting reviews. If you have bandwidth for marketing, investing in Quora could be good. You can check QApop quick analysis to see how relevant the channel would be for you: https://app.qapop.com/analyze
Archisman Das
There are two kinds of activities. Things that compound over a period of time such as blogging, content development, community and referral loops. And then are one off event that get you a spike just as a successful PH Launch, PR such as Techcrunch, and other events that give you a spike. Ali wrote a great post on turbo boost activities that you can find here - https://www.lennysnewsletter.com... This includes gate crashing a competitor's event with a viral play, partnering with influencers and more. You should check it out.
@archisman_das Thanks for sharing it Archisman Das. Thanks for increasing the possibility of success of several Makers!