Is it okay to charge beta users?

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Beta users play a major in a startup they give us invaluable feedback and help us make our product more accurate, the way our customers want it! Its pretty clear that they are using our product to help us more than themselves. So, is it fine if we charge our beta users? We also value something when it is worth something, so would it be like the subscribers would value the product more and do their testing with more care since they have paid for it?


It's their insight and input that will tell you what you need to address before your product goes to market. The process of gathering that insight and input is known as beta testing a central component to a thoroughly screened product launch. KDealer
Personally, I believe payment can come through different ways. I think that beta testers are using your product in exchange for giving information on their experience. If you're able to convince beta testers to pay for testing it then that's a bonus, but I think that their feedback is more than enough payment for a product that will ultimately benefit from them using it.
Ng Fang Kiang
I paid a lot for beta software. But most of them are usually a lifetime deal (one-time payment).