What about a remote work future without meetings?

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Remote work is trendy in COVID and it will become a normal setting even after the pandemic. Why do people still need face-to-face meetings if we can use async communication tools to gather thoughts?


Hamed Baatour
working to fix this issue too. seems like using Github issues is the best option to do this so far. If you have an idea just post a full description/screenshots/implementation steps and timeline, otherwise, no need to waste my time talking about your next billion-dollar/unrealistic ideas in a 2 hours meeting. 🤦‍♂️
@hamedbaatour we are working on ideaio.xyz too! What about your idea? Mind sharing?
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
Oftentimes, having a meeting is more efficient than trying to communicate via async communication tools. Let's imagine, I need to show something to my colleague on my screen and need help fixing/removing/adding smth to it. I record my screen and audio, save it, send it to the colleague, and receive an answer - they suggest doing this or that. I follow their advice, however, it just doesn't work! Again, I record, save, and send it to my colleague. Again, they ask me something or give advice. And it all continues, until the problem is solved. What could be a 5-minute meeting where I showed my screen, followed the advice and we would together see the changes, turned into a long communication via chat/email, etc.😅 P.S. Also, I love talking to my colleagues, so I wouldn't want to get rid of meetings anyway. Maybe from redundant ones, but I don't have any of those, fortunately!
girish wadhwani
@anna_mandziuk Agree with this. There are also other scenarios where meetings work better. For eg. when you need to influence or sell, need to make quick decisions, etc.
@anna_mandziuk @girish_w Yes, or you need to have a 1:1 meeting with your team members/your boss. A sync meeting will be most effective. Any type of meeting you think remote/async communication will work better?
girish wadhwani
@anna_mandziuk @eg21 I tend to associate modality of the meeting to the depth of communication. When you need deep collaboration or influence you need face-to-face. When the communication is light/surface level, you can use a async or remote meeting.
Jonathan Yan
I do think the face-to-face meetings are useful in the sense that the collaborative feel is there and you feel like you can get things done in a more efficient way since you are physically with your co-worker/team. At oVice, we provide users with access to customizable virtual spaces where they can design it to make it unique and their own while being able to interact with other users in their space in real time! This helps remote workers maintain that feel of having a face-to-face meeting in the physical office while being in different parts of the world. Check us out at tour-en.ovice.in and see how it works! :)