Make everyone's voice equally being heard at meetings, especially for introverts

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As an introvert, when I work for a corp job, I don't like to speak in public - because of this fear, when we do brainstorming/ideation sessions, I just listen to the loudest voice in the room, and follow their thoughts. It is kind of cheating but it makes me feel comfortable staying in my zone. Recently, I realized this is not only about me. Therefore, I'm building something (Ideaio: with the goal to make everyone's voice being heard - equip introverts with peace of mind. Does it sound familiar to you? What advice do you have for how I could make it fit your situation/worldview more closely? Thank you!


Bernadette Cau
Marketing and content for tech SaaS.
I like the concept of asynchronous conferences (I confess, I'm often bored at Zoom meetings). However, how do you stimulate brain-storming in your Ideaio workflow?
@bernadette_cau Good question! I'm researching heavily on how our brain works these days. I can sense how boring it is to sit in Zoom. My butt is numb and back hurts. To your question: 1. Set up a release time, most of creative ideas happen not when you are sitting in front of computers. You can record your ideas anytime in a dedicated Slack channel. 2. I wouldn't say it a brain storming strictly, instead I would call it a brain writing/dumping. You dump all your thoughts related to a well-defined structure of questions. After the release time, all the thoughts from others are viewed at once. How do you think?