🤔Web service or chat bot in messenger app?

Maksym Astakhov
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What do you think of tool totally made in any chat bot messenger app (Telegram, Slack, etc.)? Is it convenient to work in that way? Of course we compare the same functionality😋


Maksym Astakhov
As the world and technologies are going faster. Sometimes there are no time to open your laptop and sign in the web tool to do some tasks. Maybe it could be more convenient to open chat bot in messenger and send few commands, download report, change settings of your project. I prefer to use chat bots in Telegram and they facilitate routine tasks. And you?
In my opinion it depends on the sales strategy of the product: If it is a self-service product! the chat bot is ideal provided that the back office is suitable for self onboarding. If the product is more complex to set up the chat bot is not the best idea
Maksym Astakhov
@fares_aktouf Thaks, I agree with you! If the tool is not too complicated some simple functions you can use in one hand/one click