We’re looking for help to reach out to potential customers

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Hello Product Hunt, We’re a small software consultancy (https://featurist.co.uk/). We have been very successful writing web software for our clients for some 10 years now. However, we’re relatively new to product development ourselves and would like to start exploring new opportunities by understanding potential customers’ real pain points and where new products could help. We have tried to engage with people directly (via twitter dm and reddit posts) but to no avail so far. It now feels like we need some help with this. So here is the question: who are the people that can find us potential customers to talk to and how do we find them? We’re prepared to hire people or engage with consultancies or whatever it takes. But where do we start? Thanks! Artem


Shariq A
Good question. I don't know the answer but I hope you find someone who can help you reach out to your customers. In my case, I went ahead and created the product and currently focusing on getting the word out about the product. My understanding is that marketing will take some time, maybe 6-12 months or maybe more. Best Wishes!
Fabian Maume
Some LinkedIn outreach with Phantombuster, could work. You can target companies with open job offers for product development.
Atul Ghorpade
Hi Artem! Let me know if you need help in SEO.
Gorka Molero
There's an entire community and science around this nowadays, few of my friends doing this Talk to a B2B outreach company, people pay them directly for meetings appearing in your calendar (of course only qualified) For example: Leadhawks.co.uk
I think I had the same question. I spoke to their team directly after I showed interest in their advertisement campaign. I won't disclose the price they were asking but it was 100 times more than I invested in my startup. I wrote the code and designed the interface all by myself. Now I realize that marketing is a whole another topic that needs time and resources. Still trying to find potential customers for my SaaS. Would love to hear a solution here.
Fraser Jeffrey
A good starting point is what problem you're trying to solve, that will dictate where you'll find them. I found completing the ideal customer profile helped me quickly spot who to speak to. Some ideas, create a free bit of content that your target audience is interested in, promote it through Twitter ads or promoted tweets alternatively you could scrape the audience of a niche account i.e. some B2B software support account, nobody is going to be following that account unless they are A) person paying real money for a service, B) Actively engaged on a platform where they're accessible C) Prequalified to speak to somewhat through their interests i.e focused rather than scatter gun approach - more likely to entertain your questions and offers rather than immediately dismiss. Those are some strategies that will help that are not dissimilar from what you're doing Hope it helps
isidoro costa
Hi Artem, I am having the same issue. Some platforms are better than others (for us Reddit works quite well), but they set limits to how much outreach you can do even when you engage with users in a meaningful manner.
Sven Radavics
The best way to get access to an audience is to partner with another brand that already has that audience, as long as there's not too much competitive overlap.
Imran Khan
We built https://syncy.net to solve this. On Syncy you can find your target users and book calls with them in a few minutes. You can reach out to me at imran@syncy.net for more info.
Magdalena Tran
Hi Artem! There must be many leadgen agencies that you can contact just by googling. What we would do for consultant companies like yours is to find companies that are looking for tech talents on Linkedin and job boards. We would then find the right person to talk to, then contact them through cold emails and Linkedin. Glad to answer any questions! Hope this helps :)
Sebastian Acevedo
what's your target market? where do they usually hang out? what do they read/listen to? cold contacting converts at low rates so you have to do it massively. inbound might work better for you: produce content that's helpful for people and they will approach you proactively
Vadim Voronovskiy
I would like to invite you to join Solcial. We can make a text AMA and present your product to our community. If you are interested, tag me!. It will be a pleasure. You can find potential customers.
Dale Castro
Who exactly are you trying to reach? Where can you often find them? Where do they get their information?