WE LAUNCHED 🎉🤓⚡️ - the hard prep weeks paid off 🤓

Markus Jenul
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It's launch day on ProductHunt 🎉 🚀 ... and I'm super excited to launch Kickscale with the world 🙌 Please provide your feedback.. which helps us to improve our service: https://www.producthunt.com/post... 👇 Big thanks and congrats to the whole Kickscale Team who made an awesome product in the last couple of months which we are releasing to the world now. ⚡️ The Kickscale platform gives teams access to playbooks and proven processes used by other successful teams and companies. 🌈 Use pre-defined playbooks or simply build your own to speed up your team's learning curve. 📈 Kickscale provides structure and know-how. 💡


Great work! Finally doing a PH launch can be nerve-racking but is certainly worth it :)
Markus Jenul
@maxine_buchert SO true :D it was a lot of prep work that went into that -- we will publish our process after the launch. Looking good so far :)
Rucha Joshi
@maxine_buchert It can be super nerve -racking! The constant phone checking and replying. Love the adrenalin rush right at the start though.
Launching soon!
That must feel really awesome! Congratulations and best of luck!
Markus Jenul
@saqib301 oh it does. thank you so much. It's super fun as well and its a super good team building activity :)
Dawn Veltri
Congrats on the launch! You're killing it.
Wiktoria Jaszcza
#2 Product of the Day 🥳 Well done!
Markus Jenul
@w_j Thank you a lot.. still can't believe it :) I will share the stats and our pre-launch process in a week from now.. there was a ton that went wrong but also a few things that went well. It might be helpful to others here :)