We have built a product for Remote-friendly companies, does it make sense?

Jesús Vivas
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Hi folks, we are trying to validate an idea (https://trydesky.com/). Our mission is to turn offices into a flexible working space and make it easy for your team members to choose how and where to work 🏠💻. We are in beta now and planning to launch on Product Hunt soon but would be nice to receive your feedback before we launch. The tool will be forever FREE 🤯 Thoughts?


Wilhelm Rahn
Looks really easy to set up! Does it support guests sitting? (as in, me bringing two people without accounts to a board room or something)
Shariq A
Just curious, why would a Business turn their office into a flexible working space unless their their business is to provide flexible working spaces to others? Are you anticipating that Businesses would have smaller offices in the future, with not enough desks to accommodate every employee? And every employee would have to reserve a desk before going to the office next day?
Mike Ivars
Interesting idea to solve a real problem. Congrats!
Collin Thompson
I really love this app. I think there is so much you can do with something like this. To me, there seems to be 2-3 persona users, and some not so obvious use cases that this can be applied to. I'm following a few local co working space startups that allow anyone to turn their excess home space into a local office so employees in the suburbs don't have to commute into the city to work at an office or co-work space. I think something like this would be a great addition to hardware, like described because you would be able to work with your co-workers and friends, and even perhaps friends from other companies—where and when you want.