Feedback x Feedback 🔥

Jesús Vivas
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Hey guys, how are you doing? Here is the deal 👉 Drop your product link here and I'll send you a Loom video giving feedback. You can do the same with our product: I'm from Spain and I think would be nice for you to know more about us to make your website smoother


Andrew Thompson
@jesus_vivas - Your product looks very interesting, can it be used for iOS apps with subscription models? My product: (mobile browser only right now)
Jesús Vivas
@andrewfashion Hi Andrew, your product looks impresive, I can't try because I'm full android user but I'll share it with my colleagues at the office to provide you more feedback. Regarding our product, we support hybrid apps (Native apps not yet)
Asraful Islam
Wow! Your product looks very interesting.
Hi Asraful, please give a check to - would be very interested into your honest feedback and improvement suggestions
Junior Owolabi
@timz_flowers it looks cool, I see a lot is applications for this, but you have a somewhat competitor VideoAsk by typeform. Your solution can work as a video survey systems.
Junior Owolabi
Wow it seems to have everything, how did you get people to use it when Intercom and Zendesk already existed. Anyone with a competitior would love to know this.
nima mobaraki I will checkout your product right away