🚀 We are on SHIP, what's next?

Inna Proshkina
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🎉 We launched: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Please check us out and leave your feedback! Neuton.AI is on SHIP: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...! Please share your experience, thoughts, and suggestions on how we can leverage this tool for maximum exposure.


Akash Ambade
Collect your subscribers data if you can on Product hunt and keep them constantly engaged till the launch day. Find relevant groups/communities across Reddit/Facebook/Slack and actively building relationship with target audience helps you convert leads on the day of the launch!
Nik Hazell
@ambade_akash7 Hey Akash - how do you engage with the Reddit/Facebook/Slack communities? I've generally found it very difficult to find any that are very active - and they take a dim view on promotion. Can I ask what your trick is? Or would you be able to share the sort of post that you typically share?
Akash Ambade
@nik_hazell I agree it is very tricky but planning the launch well ahead of time is the key. A 3-month period till launch date is good to gradually put efforts to add value to these communities and build those sure shot relations with people. Because, let's face it, nobody likes to receive a message on previous day of your launch asking for support. It is just dumping stuff into people's inboxes. The constant interactions with active product hunt folks on Twitter, Reddit by engaging in healthy conversations helps! Also, trying to be very active on the communities where your target audience spends most time
Matthew Johnson
Are you using Ship for free, or did you upgrade to paid? IMO the primary value of Ship is having your upcoming page promoted to the community. Otherwise I'd point people to your actual landing page rather than your upcoming page. The rest of the tools aren't great so I always ended up using Typeform or other email marketing tools and importing the Ship subscribers. We've had some success using Ship as a way to validate content and feature ideas. I wrote up how we do it here if helpful: https://taskablehq.com/blog/prod...
Inna Proshkina
@mattcrail We are on a free trial now moving to a paid plan. Look forward to exploring their promo opportunities to get featured on the homepage! Thanks for sharing your experience!
Anton Ross
As far as I know, it is possible to publish new versions of the product. You are not limited to one campaign launch) And congratulations!
Trevor French
The art on your ship page is awesome!
Robins Gupta
You can create a discussion on PH and ask "🚀 We are on SHIP, what's next?" so that we can get notified and subscribe to it