WANTED: Marketing Leaders on PH! 🤓 🙌

Markus Jenul
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I find it quite hard to find like-minded marketer's here on PH...🤔 Anyone here who is a marketer by ❤️ ... with a ton of know how and wants to connect? Please comment or tag someone you know 🤘


Andrii Kpyto
❤️ 🤘
Matt Laybourn
Hey dude, found the same challenge as you - Performance Marketer here London if you want to connect 👋
Atul Ghorpade
@rockee_matt Hi Matt, I just followed you on Twitter. Here is my profile- twitter.com/atuaghorpade I would like to interact with you. :)
Matt Laybourn
@atulghorpade Cool man - thanks, I've followed you back! :)
Hussain Effendi
@rockee_matt @atulghorpade WAs wondering if I could follow you on Twitter as well, but the link shows account does not exist :(
Hussain Effendi
@atulghorpade @rockee_matt Followed :) P.S: I have not been really active on Twitter but would love to pick up on there
Sales, marketing. Ain't it comme ci comme ca?
Atul Ghorpade
❤️ I'm into SEO!
I'll volunteer myself 👋👋
Hussain Effendi
I'm a self-proclaimed marketing intern. Trying to learn through experience and eventually put that to use when we finally build a product. Any tips would be really appreciated.