Waiting list strategies for a new product launch

Fatoumata D.
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Hi everyone, I am sure this question has been already asked, but I was wondering if you knew any techniques to grow a waiting list for a product launch. Basically, I am launching a mobile app on February 2022, and I would like to have an audience I can reach when the app will be launched. Also, the waiting list looks like this: www.ynspirely.com I look forward to read your responses :)


Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
If you're planning to launch on PH, I'd recommend a Ship page. Check out ours as an example: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Well you've done the right thing by asking a question here - have you considered a ship page? Are you active on Indie Hackers? Did you sign-up to Beta List?
Fatoumata D.
@maxwellcdavis Thanks! No I am not on Indie Hackers or Beta List, because I thought it was best to wait until the app is launched to register on these websites
@fatoumata_d_ There's a big trend at the moment to "buildinpublic" and many are advocating to share your progress early and build with an audience
Fatoumata D.
@maxwellcdavis I see, thank you for the information! I will definitely try to see how I can benefit from this trend