Validate your B2B Idea

Ruben Wolff
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Hello everyone! Like most people here, I'm an entrepreneur who founded, which my team and I are planning on officially launch here on Product Hunt within a few weeks. Like probably most people, I've asked myself whether the business idea was worth it. But it is not my first project, and I had time by now to get an insight on how to ensure people will appreciate my product. So I thought it was time I shared it with the entrepreneurial community. Here's the link to what I've learned: Don't hesitate to ask me anything or to give me any type of feedback you think might be useful to me. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


Ruben Wolff
@md_raisul_islam_bappy thanks for your enthusiasm! We're still working on it, but you can try searching for a company or an industry already on :)