How do you keep your employees motivated?

Ruben Wolff
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As we recently posted a short article on on the topic (that you can find here ), I'd like to have your personal opinion on the matter. Do you believe money is the best way to keep the people you work with motivated? What are your suggestions to improve their efficiency while making them happy to work?


Jason Cavness
I think the best way and I learned this from my time as an Officer in the U.S. Army is this. Everyone is motivated by different things. Learn what is the long term goal of each person. Then figure out how that personal motivation can be aligned to improve the success of the organization.
Ruben Wolff
@jasoncavness Absolutely, one cannot pretend everyone is motivated by the same thing(s), but I also believe that if you take the time to learn what the other person wants and how it matches with the company's project, it has more potential to lead to a healthy motivated work process
Isabel Nyo
Money is of course important, in that if an employee isn't fairly compensated, they will eventually leave. However, to keep the best employees engaged, they require more than a fair compensation. As a manager and leader with 20 years experience in the tech industry, I've found that investing in career development is the best solution.