Using WhatsApp for managing Business ?

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How many of you use WhatsApp (WA) as the primary communication tool for managing business ? It'd be great if you can reply with 1. Name of your business/Industry 2. Nature of use of WA for managing business - Internal communication with colleagues - Communicate with customers/clients (only information sharing) - take business actions based on WA chats with customers. for eg. confirm orders/appointments,receive payments etc. 3. Do you need some sort of a CRM within Whatsapp ?


Alina Ihnatiuk
I use this messenger to communicate with directors
Ira GI
For business, I do not use it as a target messenger, only communication with partners
Henry Mosley
I do not use this application for business. I only receive messages from relatives. Maybe it's for the better!
Atul Ghorpade
Not for business. But many small businesses use for customer communication.
Ana Dodig
Not good idea at all. You should use some communication tool such as Slack or Pumble. WA, Viber and Messanger are for friends and family.
HardikKumar Vinzava
Hi @nidhin_wr , WhatsApp usage has changed a lot in the past couple of years. On top of personal communications, it's widely used for Business purposes also. To make a Better WhatsApp Experience, We have recently launched a Product called PromoteRoute - Check it out...
Scott Chen
On top of the Official WhatsApp Business APIs, an automated tool called Social Epoch SCRM was developed to efficiently send WhatsApp messages in bulk straight from a PC or laptop. Type "SocialEpoch" into the browser on your smartphone, then download the app from the download page. To begin your first progression, tap Bulk Send. Your imported contacts, group contacts, and phonebook contacts need to be organised. Include any photographs, movies, or audio files you'd like in your message by typing it out. You may also add your signatures to it. Finally, if you select the automated method, SocialEpoch will automatically send your bulk messages to 10,000 contacts.