Transitioning into PM from Sales. Looking for a mentor

Amar Biradar
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I am planning to transition my career from sales to a product manager role. I am looking for the best training, videos, guidance, and mentor. Please help me in choosing an affordable training institute for PM training and along with that, they can also help me in building a resume and help me in getting jobs. Please suggest.


Michael Silber
I think there are plenty of resources available online from @lenny_rachitsky and Marty Cagan to get you started. Then I might check out Lunchclub to see if you can find some mentorship opportunities. I have found that PM training can be good for fundamentals, but it's nothing you can't learn online and I don't think they give much of a leg up for hiring. The most important thing is to shape your resume for any given PM job to show that you know the subject matter. Otherwise, hiring managers are going to prefer someone with more PM experience over course work.