Track your emails for free with Snovio Email Tracker:
- No logos, signatures or trademarks;
- Find out the time and number of opens and link clicks;
- Schedule reminders according to status;
- Schedule your email and we'll send it for you.

Stay productive! ❤️

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Hey! This is Oleksii From Snovio. It takes from 8 to 12 seconds to install this. I acually counted installation time. Once installed you get: No sign-up. We don't even ask for your email. Unlimited use. No branding. No paid plans. Simply free. Need a tool that never gets in your way? Snovio Email Tracker for Gmail. Yet another tools that lets you know if people actually read your emails. What's different then? We tried to make it as simple and as intuitive as possible. No frills, no need to play with settings to remove branding or "sent with" signatures. No limits on the amount of emails you send or links you track. User activity dashboard is available right inside your Gmail. That's not all the difference. It also comes with a Send Later and Reminders functionality, so you can shedule emails and send yourself reminders about follow-ups. Why is it better than the others? Because there's no other tool that can offer you as many features without hidden ads for FREE. What's the catch you ask? We hope that one day you buy a paid email drip campaigns plan That's how we upsell. Oleksii
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@alikks nice product idea, but would this stead free forever,???
@hibuddie It has been free for the last 6 month and we take our words very seriously. We will be adding some advanced paid functionality on top of what we have now but what we have now will likely stay free.
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@alikks Looks pretty good. I can't use it because of all the extra colors they hurt my eyes. Don't get me wrong, Purple is my favorite color (heck I made a theme called 🦄 Shades of Purple). But the UI should mimic the already existing UI. Also the icon covers + sign for adding more addons — take a look

Used it for more than a month, and I'm extremely satisfied with how it tracks delivered and opened emails


Tracker for gmail which is free and works like a swiss clock - what can be better?


can't see any, hope it stays free!

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Hey Paul, thank you so much for your feedback! 😸

Their main product is very unmindful and collects insincere data


Nothing is good about tracking


The up-sell product is the main reason why millions of people get spam email everyday.

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Any comment possible from @alikks in regards to this comment?
We have made snovio for b2b communications. Owen, look at this from business perspective, from a small business owner who needs contracts because Adwords is too expensive. Entrepreneurs are using Snovio to raise funds. To my understanding spam exists in the consumers world, Snovio doesn't live in this world :) Speaking about Adwords I can't mention that Google is the #1 Tracker of Everything. Email tracker gives you something that most of the instant messengers have right now - ability to see if sent messages were read. I well remember when I was using MS Outlook there were Red Receipts so you could request read receipts and delivery notifications. So it was always there but not in webmail. That's how I see it.
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The email tracker is part of the tools and all together makes a quite strong tool set. All of them complete each others really well.


- Simple and effective - Free tracker (no ads or else) - Clean UI


- Sometimes few bugs/issues - Clean UI in general but some UX elements be improved (but definitively not a deal-breaker)

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Hi Hugo! Thank you for your kind words! We're working on bug fixes as soon as we find any, thank you for supporting the product😺
Have been using other Snovio products for a while now - always great quality and support. Email tracking looks very clean from the first glance. Congrats on the launch!
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@daniil_kopilevych You guys are awesome, we are long time supporters of Helpcrunch :)
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