Top 3 hacks to become 'Product of the day'?

Siddhesh Lokare
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I am extremely thrilled to launch my product in the next month and I have already started creating content and doing my research. If you've already launched on PH or if you have any observations to share, what would be those top 3 hacks to grab the milestone of Product of the day? Would love to hear your suggestions.


Ruben Wolff
1) Build your audience first, you'll need lots of support to get enough upvotes and comments to be #1, so you'd better have people to notify. 2) Getting a Hunter will increase our reach, because all their followers will receive an email about the product hunted, and also because they can share your work on their social media 3) Answer each comment and DM you get throughout the launch day as fast as possible
Romain Cernik
@rubenwolff thanks the 1st one is a priority, we noticed that for our 1st launch this week ! šŸ˜Ž
robiul haque
Boost Your Own Productivity, Treat Your Inbox as a Temporary State, Follow the 4 Dā€™s: Do it, Delegate it, Defer it, or Delete it, Use the Nike Rule (Just Do It), Write Down What You Need to Get Done, Focus on One Thing at a Time, Make a 3 Item To-Do List etc.
Mayank Mishra
Prepare the users/supporters and the materials way before Launch. Activate them before launching. Spread the word across but keep it authentic, if it smells spammy, the Product Hunt 4.0 cat is too good to sense it!