Today is #InternationalPodcastDay! What are your fav podcasts?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Bonus points if you explain why!


Daniel Canton
20VC, great place to know what's going on in the startup world
Youness Asserare
lex fridman podcast is fun and full of knowledge and interesting disscusions. the JRE podcast. ofc tigerbelly podcast is super fun
Solomon Bush
@younessasserare I love all these. I know JRE gets a lot of weird heat. But he definitely gets the best guests. I would also add Tim Dillon. His podcasts are hilarious.
Sometimes I am listening "The Ikons"
Damilola Ajiboye
HIBT - How I Built This by Guy Raz 🔥
Peter Nguy
@damilolaa - absolutely my number 1 podcast!! So good and always gets me motivated and hustling again!
Rohan Shetty
Finshots, a short and an informative podcast on Finance, Tech and Startups, etc.
Kate Makulova
A bit of Optimism with Simon Sinek 💯
Hands down My First Million where @sam_parr1 and @shaanvp just shoot the shit on anything entrepreneurship + sometimes do interviews Very close second place to How To Take Over the World where @benwilson dives into the biographies of some of the world's most influential individuals. Why? they both help me learn how the great of the past and of the present think
Maria Varmazis
Sticky Pickles! A fun and quick listen. All about what you'd do in a tricky (often funny) situation. A nice mental break from the heavy, topical podcasts out there. reason: I'm the cohost ;)
akhil mk
Agency Builders podcast is pretty good if you're interested in the agency space. Casual conversations with some interesting folks.
Alexey Shashkov
@5harath Sharath, my favorite podcast is «The SaaS Podcast» with Omer Khan because it's about SaaS startups, and I'm passionate about SaaS=)
Sharath Kuruganty
There are many podcasts I love that changed the way I think and act. One particular one is Shane Parrish's episode with Naval - The Angel Philosopher. That episode has so much knowledge, especially when Naval talks about specific knowledge, building leverage, and non-judgemental awareness. I still find something new every time I listen to it 💯
Spencer Wise
1. My First Million episode #98 with Ryan Begelman 2. Reply All episode #158 "The Case of the Missing Hit" 3. My First Million episode #87 with Greg Isenberg 4. How to Take Over the World episodes on the Rothschilds 6. The one recorded with my parents capturing their story together (link:
Peter Nguy
@rojan_zarei - sounds interesting. What’s it about?
Ankur Singh
Acquired by Ben and David: Talks about IPOs, exits and the founding stories of the biggest companies. For generating great podcast names try this
ohile sophia
fun and quick listen person