Tips to to fight your procrastination monster

Anastasiia Stepko
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Hey guys! Share your tips for focused working day. What do you do to fight your procrastination monster?


John Stewart
Use the end of one week to plan out the next. I find that if you go in each day knowing exactly what you need to do and when you want it done, you will become much more productive. It's all about setting time aside to think ahead!
Graeme O’Connor
@john_stewarttgm Agreed! Planning the following day before logging off in the evening also helps I find
Matthew Johnson
I have a lot of tips for this, but a relatively recent one I wrote about is eating the frog, where you do your hardest, most important task first thing in the morning What works best for me is time blocking - so scheduling every task I need to get done throughout the day. This holds me accountable and helps me be more efficient with my time.
Plan and keep in mind how it feels like to complete a task/part of a task.
Cathy Patalas
Plan something exciting on the weekend so you have something to look forward to. This always keeps me more motivated during the week and reduces procrastination
Urszula Ostrowska
Lately I found out about super easy tip! If I have no motivation to do a task I challenge myself to spend only 5 minutes doing it. Usually the start is the hardest, so if you force yourself to start and spend at least 5 minutes on it, you'll probably spend much more time and maybe even finish :) 5 minute method worked well on me - and i had a huuuge problem with procrastination before! ⏲️
Srishty Chaudhary
To avoid procrastinating, I usually think that if I don't work on time this is going to burden me later on and that will be more stressful. So it's better that I complete those work on time. It is motivation for me.