Tips to building a community on Reddit?

Hedieh Safiyari
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Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
More context please? What did you try, what kind of a community it is? There are tons of articles to help you get started. If you have any specific questions, I am sure this community here can help.
David Babins
Quick food for thought, simply focus on niche related keywords, specialized brainstorming, twistable ideas! ... :) 25 Experts Drop Wisdom on How to Grow a Vibrant Online ...
Rosie Sherry
I think just like any community you can build/create it and expect people to suddenly appear. You'll need good content and find ways to promote it and pull people in.
David J. Kim
It'll be hard, but I'd say be honest and human. If you try to act corporate/fake at all they'll know and downvote you to oblivion.
Daria Novikova
One of the most tricky content platforms, to my mind and with an overwhelming number of critical commentators :) Make sure you deliver the right topics to the right community
You need to build trust and speak on topics related to your industry.
Elena Cirera
My top tips are as follows -Find your niche -Be polite, respectful and supportive to other -Support others, add maximum content and be active.