Thoughts on generative music?

Sofya Narbut
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I can't work without music but sometimes I get overwhelmed by my own playlist and it distracts me. I've grown to like generative music and focus sounds apps. What I've checked out and enjoyed using: - - - Could you recommend any apps like this? P.S. More details on my thoughts about apps mentioned here ↓


Sofya Narbut
Btw, Mubert has a Product Hunt station mix, it's very cool!
Paul Mit
Interesting app reviews, thank you! Endel is very interesting product itself.
Thanks for sharing - added these to my figurative give it a go list! I tend to get distracted by music with lyrics, and or catchy things that I might end up singing along to - so now its mostly instrumental stuff :) I've actually been tweeting recently asking for people to share their playlists and wow I get such a variety of things to try out - everything from heavy metal to jazz....
Sofya Narbut
@maxwellcdavis love that the list was helpful! If you need any more music recommendations, I'm up! :D
Ezra Sandzer-Bell
Hey Sofya, I'm the founder of a small generative music app called AudioCipher. If you'd like to try it out, DM me and I'll set you up.
Sofya Narbut
@audiocipher where can we connect to exchange messages? Pls let me know. Twitter, facebook, instagram, basically anything works for me :)
Philipp Karetov
Thank you for your warm review, Sofya! We have big plans for Time-Based features, check out the new app update in about a week 👀 Also, feel free to DM @endelsound on Twitter or Instagram; I'll set you up with a free subscription code for your readers, for the next issues.