How to grow blog audience?

Sofya Narbut
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Hi, makers! I started to make a weekly series on Medium (a new issue came out today and I want to ask the PH community for advice. How do I promote my blog (preferably for free 😂)?


Miriam Barchilon
Join social media groups/discussions/forums related to the topic you are writing about and post there your articles :)
Jaskiran Kaur
By doing blog promotion, social bookmarking, tweeting it, posting in groups, sending cold mails, etc.
Everything already mentioned - but be careful of being spammy, especially on Reddit as those mods are very keen! I'd also spend some time trying to understand the SEO space in your market. I've had great success in the past focusing on longtail keywords and writing blog posts specifically to serve them. @roberto_robles might have some more SEO tips too!
Sofya Narbut
@roberto_robles @maxwellcdavis yeah reddit mods already got me once or twice! thanks for the advice, I'll be thinking about SEO of my nieche
Iris Park
It's not Medium, but I used to work on a blog in Korea. I personally think that there are various ways but the best and hardest thing to do is keeping on making sincere contents and uploading them. I find it takes quite effort to keep making good quality contents and uploading them regularly :)
Sofya Narbut
@iris_park did the creators who were consistent get pushed out there to the audience?
Iris Park
@sofya_narbut Not always, honestly. But there quite that got supported and shown in the main homepage!
Paul-Henri Hersen
Hello Sofya, writing an article on other blogs from your industry is also a great way to increase your visibility/credibility. But it requires approval from the other person, which is quite hard to obtain!
Alina Ihnatiuk
High-quality content, advertising, activity in groups and social networks
Ira GI
Most of all, the packaging of the account plays a role, then advertising.
Sofya Narbut
@ira_gi do you have any advice on what a well packaged account is?
WVK Kloesel
Share cool websites
Trey Chong
You may build backlinks on high domain rating (DR) websites, but not to be spammy. Focus on long-tail keywords in your blog, it's easier to hit rather than the popular ones.
Wiktoria Jaszcza
Improve you social listening skills. Keep testing what works best for your audiences. Best of luck 👍
Sofya Narbut
@w_j the problem is with a small audience there is little to no feedback :( but yeah, trying many different tricks on my way, thanks for the advice!
For new blogs I recommend, as mentioned before, trying to make useful content for users + good SEO