The PH support team is awesome 👏

Imran Khan
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Today I have launched GetPress ( on ProductHunt. Despite having more upvotes and activity my product wasn't listed in the popular tab on today's homepage but in the newest tab. I reached out to their support chat and outlined the issue and within minutes they fixed it. Now GetPress is on today's popular homepage. Maybe this happens with you too. So if you find yourselves in this situation, don't hesitate to reach out to the support chat on PH. The support team is awesome and will rectify any issues you face during the launch.


Julia Doronina
Good point, we will use your advice! Thanks!
Linda Liepa
PH support is fantastic! They are always ready to help out with all kinds of questions, and they are giving helpful tips.
Ruben Wolff
Thanks for pointing this out, my last contact with the PH team was also very good, I explained a problem and they were very understanding and willing to help me :)
Alice Rodgers
totally agree! The support team is awesome and reacts very fast! thank you, guys and girls🙏🙏🙏
Nik Hazell
@cn__katie Yeah seconded! There was someone who was tagging me and you in spam/offensive stuff in replies - I flagged it to the support team, and they blocked the person almost immediately!
Anton Ross
Where can I find their contact? Write to the chat?
Imran Khan
@rosssaris Yes, write in the chat. They reply instantly. Also, you can contact them on their support email.
Keren Brickman
100% amazing support! Our team had a scary accidental launch moment, and the PH team came to the rescue immediately 🙏