Review my upcoming page

Imran Khan
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I just published the upcoming page for something I am working on. Any feedback is welcome 🐱. Influencerz


Ruben Wolff
The design is very nice, it's really different from most of what we can find right now. I'm not a fan of having to scroll back up to read what went a bit fast though. I would say the main problem is there's not enough information. We don't know accurately enough what the product is about, what we can gain from it, its pricing... But you're on the right rack! :)
I would maybe include a hyperlink to your website, a YouTube video link and also social media links/buttons.
Alice Rodgers
Nice one, subscribed)
Inna Proshkina
BTW we have launched Neuton today, please check us out, we are #5 on the homepage