The only way for NFTs to succeed going forwards

Sergio Zaciu
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Remember when Obamacare was renamed The Affordable Care Act so as not to alienate Republicans who were fundamentally opposed to the name? I think NFTs are in a similar situation. The name has been mocked and defamed (from South Park to every Late Night host making light of it); and justifiably so, the hype is way too overblown for the current application of the tech. My guess is that one day when a company figures out how to use NFTs properly, they won't even be called NFTs anymore. It'll be the same technology, with a brand new skin, so that nobody scoffs when they hear that the new hot app is an NFT product. Agree? Disagree? I'm not an expert in the field: These are just my gut feelings looking at the trend from a marketing perspective.


Mislavskii Vladislav
CEO & co-founder Skill Focus
I completely agree. But now it's hype and good marketing instrument. We wanted to make an NFT collection with Skill Focus employees for today's launch on PH to attract attentions.
Cameron Caldwell
9-5 Project Manager | No-code advocate
I agree. We have a funny way of changing our feelings about things based on who introduces them to us and how. I think it will happen in the music industry first at scale
Ezzat Suhaime
In space
Really good thoughts. Keep them coming! I agree with you. It’s kind of like CDOs and bespoke tranche opportunity —> at least that’s what i got from watching The Big Short.
Joseph Kopp
I am working for web 3
if nft can be used as a sticker Both the creator and the sharer will receive value From a marketing perspective Emotions have a natural communication scene 1.Expressing Emotions 2.Being shared 3.Then create value