The next big social media app

Evan Stewart
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I believe there is a quiet race happening behind the scenes right now for the next social media app. I would love to see something fresh come to market, especially a true LinkedIn competitor. I'm curious; what you would like to see from an emerging, modern social brand?


Shekhar Chandra
something that is less addictive by design ?? but I'm not sure if that makes sense while talking about social media.
@shekhar_chandra True. Everyone wants you to be linked into their site. But a new version of Linkedin? That's something I'm excited to see.
Evan Stewart
@shekhar_chandra Great perspective. I do agree that building an entire business off of someone's ability to be addicted to a product isn't exactly a moral or ethical practice . . . what do you consider to be a balance between a product that still drives engagement, but is less addictive by design? My thought would be a model based on a monthly subscription amount, so there is less incentive to monetize a person's interests due to the MRR coming into the company.
Shekhar Chandra
@evst I think moderation of communities and ability to form niche groups creates a balanced environment. People can share thoughts freely without spending too much time. Also they remain engaged enough with the application to sustain its business model. Reddit is a great example, at least some parts of it, like AskHistorians is one with heavy moderation but quality content. Reddit as a whole may not be a great example.
Swan Bella
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Ruben Wolff
That's a tough question. I don't really know what I can expect to see dethroning the main social media apps we know and use now. And I don't know what we/I need more than what we/I already have
Evan Stewart
@rubenwolff Great thoughts. I definitely believe it's an uphill battle to build a true competitor to the current giants, but could also see a need for niche social media applications emerging; for example, I consider LinkedIn to be an atrocious platform from a usability, consumer friendliness, and intuitive design standpoint, and believe a social option for enterprise and professional circles (outside of Workplace and LinkedIn) could still be built with a potential for market dominance. Your thought about "what else would I need?" is really important to consider . . . really makes you wonder about how intuitive the next phase of emerging tech needs to be to capture consumer attention and generate demand!
Ruben Wolff
@evst I 100% agree with your views on LinkedIn. Not every Western country use LinkedIn as much as we do in the UK or the US, but I believe there can be better alternatives.
Em Pablo
I hate LinkedIn, Ads, lack design and always redirect some page you need to pay something, that's why I build this:
Anton Ross
A network with artificial intelligence, where there is full voice control
Evan Stewart
@rosssaris That would be very interesting! I believe voice is the way of the future... Clubhouse might not be the solution, but there is definitely a market for a voice-forward platform.