Progress through failure 📉

Evan Stewart
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What was the biggest lesson you had to learn the hard way, that another entrepreneur needs to know?


Evan Stewart
Early into my first business, I learned the importance of being careful who you partner with. I thought I needed partnership or help, when in reality I just needed time. Here are a few simple thoughts I took away from two bad partnership disbursements: 1) Learn about who your partner is in private, because that's the person who will represent the business/brand in public. 2) See how your partner treats people who have no way of bringing value to them, because as soon as your customer hesitates in a transaction, that's the personality your partner will revert to. 3) Always have an exit strategy (in writing) signed off and agreed to, should one partner or the other ever wish to disburse. Some of the messiest partnership disbursements come because there was no strategy in place!