Suggest online community conferences/events

Linda Liepa
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Hello everyone, I'm interested in attending virtual conferences or online events about community management. I'm already aware of the awesome CMX Summit virtual conference that will happen by the end of August, and I'm looking for similar events. Any suggestions are welcome!


Hey Linda! So happy to see you active on the Product Hunt :) Not sure if you this is what you're looking for, but Community Club has some really interesting resources to learn the nuances of community management ( A couple of months ago, they also organized Community Club Summit ( and their latest endeavour is the C-School ( Do share the learnings with us :)
Linda Liepa
@adityavsc Hey Aditya! Great to hear from you! Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into it! :)
Vio Vanica
Check out for different kind of events, I attended a few on community building.