Employee advocacy program to increase brand awareness

Linda Liepa
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Hello everyone! It is no secret that human-created or shared content gives more trust to the brand as their messages have a more extensive reach than the company itself. Is your company using an employee advocacy program to promote your brand on social media through your team? Or maybe you are thinking of implementing it in the future? We are aiming to start an employee advocacy program, and we are researching a platform that would help us track, analyze and share content with our team. And even to create a bonus program to encourage the team to participate. For now, we are in the research phase to understand what platforms can offer us. If you have any experience with employee advocacy or are thinking of starting one, please share your experience!


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
Firstly - it's a great idea. We have something here, but not sure if we use a system or something like that to track the success, we do have a process for that. One advice - do not make it boring :)
Linda Liepa
@bogomep Thanks for sharing! We have developed a process as well, and we will be doing it on our own to see how our employees perceive it.
Elena Cirera
An excellent concept! Instead of hiring celebrities, it is far better to use employees for your brand awareness.
Yousif Abood
Hi @linda_liepa I know this thread is a bit old, but am curious to learn if you ended up implementing an employee advocacy program at CoinGate? If you didn't but are still interested in implementing one, I'd be more than happy to help, free of charge. We built an employee advocacy solution that allows sharing, amplifying, and engaging with content directly from Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. It doesn't require your employees to install, learn new tools, or log onto third-party systems. Let me know.
Sanjeev Lalwani
We have our own SM brand advocacy solution write to us in case you are still looking for a solution