Stop hurting your business now on LinkedIn !

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Few tips to people who use InMail or direct messaging to reach new people on LinkedIn to sell them : 1/ Stop using generic messages for your InMail if you have not segmented well your audience, it is like sending an email to a guy asking him to buy women shoes ?!! Focus on your audience first ! 2/ Do not automate your messages if yo have not test them before ? you are trying to be efficient but you have not achieved the first step which consist in knowing your funnel well and know what to optimise in this automated journey . 3/ If you send a connection request and then you shoot a selling message just after that expecting a reply, you either are ignorant to the sales rules or have no clue how to create trust and credibility with your new connection ! 4/ Stop selling stating your product is the BEST !! try to see the pain points of your leads ? ask them what are their challenges ? imagine someone calling you on the phone and telling you how great their product is :)) I receive many direct messages and I try nicely to ask people not to sell me straightforward but instead ask them to tell me more about themselves and what they are interested in ! 9 out 10 they do not reply .... and they are the ones asking for the connection !! I also invite them to review my profile and the content they sent me which does not match and I got 1 out 10 message to ask me if I want to get a call or meet to still sell me their service !! Ding Dong ... you are supposed to readjust your sales approach not push harder ??? Please please reassess your funnel/journey you are building and automating , because you are currently causing more harm than you are create benefit to your business ! #sales #people #linkedin #email #content


Maxwell Davis
LinkedIn sadly has got a bit spammy with these types of issues recently. Thanks for sharing for everyone on here!
@maxwellcdavis happy to make people think more and reconsider the way they communicate and engage their audience :) you are right the Lk got super spammy , and they will not try to make the changes and spam us elsewhere :(
Srishty Chaudhary
I agree to you on this point. I sometimes get such InMails that is not for me at all. I am a student currently, why would I need to buy jwellery?
@saksham_pathak @srishty_chaudhary Glad to see other people sharing my view / i am getting stressed that the number of InMail are increasing with 0 efficiency
Saksham Pathak
Thanks for sharing such valuable tips