Startups, what is your project management stack and do you like like your current setup?

Luke Embrey
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At some point every startup, no matter the size, could be a solo founder or multiple people, every startup will have their own project management stack of tools. I think this is a very interesting question because, everyone is different and all startups have their own experience. We have many tools out there which can be used for project management. We have Trello, GitHub Projects, Slack, ClickUp, BaseCamp and Jira etc. There are so many! What is your project management stack? Do you like the tools you are currently using and what would you change about them? For me I am currently focusing on YouTrack, Slack, Discord and GitHub. I am new to Notion, trying it out to see if I like it. I always find there isn't just one tool, I have to use multiple.


Luke Embrey
Do you use any of these tools?
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In my company we've decided to split development management and company management, so actually we use the power of GitHub premium to handle the development process and full roadmap that founder decide is on asana with everything else backed of course by Google Drive for files. Also moved communication off slack in favor of Discord! I think it doesn't really matter one software or another if you are kinda organized is fine and there will always be space for improvements
Luke Embrey
@xkraty So are you using Google Workspace then?
Gleb Braverman
At Gossip ( we use Slack and Notion - feels very good so far!
Luke Embrey
@gleb_braverman Does Notion scale well for you?