Being honest, how does your company backup data?

Luke Embrey
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Recently I have launched a SaaS business and I want to understand how startups plan to backup their critical data, that could be from a database, company files or actual servers (root or cloud based). Usually, from initial research a lot of companies don't bother with setting up data backups until later, what would you do?


Gleb Braverman
At Gossip ( we've done some prep work before launch!
We have significantly increased the number of users, and accordingly the amount of data to be backed up has increased. Can you advise us how to deal with this situation. Since the server is simply working at full stretch when the backup begins.
Demian Dex
It could also cause the server to crash, and we have had this happen when the backup overlapped with the online peak. A good solution is to move the backup to earlier in the morning. But the best solution is to buy a separate backup device StarWind offers excellent equipment that makes backups a lot easier.