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1: Visualise your success - This gives you Positive thoughts and encouragement to go after your goals. 2: Eliminate distractions - You'll do better work in less time. 3: Get a good Night's sleep - This sharpens your Brain and Boost Mood. 4: Invest your money - You allow your finances to grow and create wealth over time. 5: Stop complaining Sucess doesn't like a dwelling: it likes Action. 6: See a gift in every problem - You improve and learn important lessons for the future. 7: Avoid wasting time - Time is money, Money is Freedom and freedom is Success. 8: Set high self-standards - You'll built great commitments, momentum, and results. 9: Network with similar people - This will keep you motivated to keep going after your goals. 10: Have focus thinking time - You'll see things clearly and you'll choose the best strategies to take action. 11: Be goal-oriented - It gives meaning to all the effort you put into your life. 12: Let go of pride - You'll learn valuable information and act on it quicker. 13: Have no device time - This helps to better digest what's happening in life and make better decisions. 14: Remove fear - You'll take risks and get closer to your goals. 15: Workout daily - This will keep the body strong to hold a strong mind. 16: Learn more about your craft - You'll keep up with Trends and you'll notice opportunities faster. 17: Monitor your credit reports - You'll prevent fraudulent accounts from impacting your credit scores. 18: Listen to others' opinions - Wisdom can take all Shapes and Sizes. 19: Take care of your employees/collaborators - This way you build strong and fruitful partnerships. 20: Stay positive - Even the low times have something to teach you. 21: Notice your breathing - You'll clear your head to focus better on solving issues. 22: Buffer time between tasks - This way you'll build a better overall performance. 23: Learn a new skill - You'll stimulate neurons in the brain that will help you learn faster over time. 24: Exhibit patience - This is the Antidote to Anger and Stress. 25: Adopt cleaner eating habits - Your body will feel better and your concentration will improve. 26: Show love daily - You'll release more feel-good harmonies and you'll be happier. 27: Use affirmations - These organize the mind to help you focus on your goals. 28: Never go to bed angry -You'll sleep better. 29: Limit social media - You'll avoid the inactivity Trap. 30: Reduce debt - Improve your payment strategy to avoid any financial chaos. 31: Organize all your areas of your life - This way nothing will take you by Surprise. 32: Read something fascinating - You'll improve your vocabulary and concentration skills. 33: Give yourself free time - Success likes relaxed people, not anxious ones. 34: Show more humility - Learning from others and admitting your mistakes help you grow. 35: Grow with a group - you'll develop learning and socializing skills. 36: Learn to listen - This way you'll maintain productive relationships that can help you reap benefits. 37: Reconcile your accounts - You'll avoid fraudulent activity and you'll prevent Financial Statment Errors. 38: Confide in others - You'll kell your soul and body Healthy. 39: Outsource tedious tasks - This way you'll focus on the things that matter most to you. 40: Eliminate processed foods - You'll feel more Energised by cleaning your whole body. 41: Change your environment - You'll focus better on work. 42: walk 10,000 steps daily - You'll stay healthy and perform at your best. 43: spend quality time, either with friends, with your partner, with yourself - It will make you feel more content. 44: Smile and be friendly - People will love being in your presence and you'll create more connections. 45: Consult with your accountant - Your life will be easier at each step of your business journey. 46: Ask for help - Others might know something that you don't. 47: Be light-hearted - You'll make others feel good and you'll feel good in return. 48: Drink plenty of water - Hydration keeps you healthy to go after your Success. 49: Schedule "me" time - You need breaks to rest and supercharge your batteries. 50: Be time-efficient - You'll add more hours to your day to go after your goals.


Süheyla Şeker
Hey, it is a great list. Every item on the list is very important. Thank you for taking the time and preparing.We are also developing a tool to improve efficiency and productivity, we will launch soon.
This list worth to appear on paper and hang on the wall.