My first life-changing experience with networking

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Through networking, I found my passion and purpose in life and since that day I am always happy no matter what problems come my way. When I was a teenager, I was always trying to find my passion and purpose by trying different things that interested me like boxing, basketball, soccer, cybersecurity, software development, and many other things. (How strange that I didn't want to be a firefighter too😂🤣) Anyway, none of that was something I really wanted to die doing, so I kept moving towards different professions. I am very introverted and I never liked talking to strangers, working as a team at school, nothing that involves the people around me. Until that day at school, there was a special activity with others from the school to network and share with other students, I was very angry. I did not want to participate but it was mandatory. I meet 3 strangers, I just sat looking at their faces talking to each other, and exactly 30 minutes later they start talking about entrepreneurship and that immediately caught my attention and I asked them several questions ... What's that? Where did you learn about it? How can I get more information about it? That day I found my true passion and purpose and since then I love meeting others, working with teammates because I realize that teamwork makes dreams work. I start after learning everything I could in those days about entrepreneurship to look for business connections. But I was wasting my time and energy, I couldn't find someone with the same interest and vision, they were all negative and professional people who were lying about themselves. I tried to find a solution, but none works for me. For those reasons, I am actually working on a networking platform to provide online networking opportunities to help entrepreneurs make connections and increase results without waste their time. Because I really believe that one or more connections can change someone's life as it happened with me a few years ago.


Thanks Isaac for sharing your story. I do agree that networking and meeting others can make a difference. Looking forward to seeing your networking platform
@sonia5 Thanks to you, and yes I'm working so hard to solve that problem, but I will make a pivot on the business model, are you willing to hear my idea and give me your feedback?
joshua mendoza
Inspiring! Any tips on going in to networking?
Bozlur Rahman
Thanks for sharing of your story
@bozlurahman003 Thanks to you brother and by the way I'm looking for feedback I made a pivot of my idea if you got a minute check it and tell me what do you think about it.
Jack Davis
Cool story hope your networking platform is successful!