Start a side project. Not a startup.

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Side projects - easy to get started, can generally be built over a weekend, low upfront risks and cost, low impact of a failure, high impact of success, a medium to learn new skills, a way to grow a community, can be achieved by an individual. Startups - harder to get started, generally require large capital, enormous payoff if successful, at times large impact if a failure, generally requires a team. I'm definitely sitting in team Side Project at the moment. For new creators entering the creator economy, I think side projects are the optimal allocation of resources. You can achieve so much with so little! Keen to hear your thoughts. Am I oversimplifying this? What do you prefer? Share your arguments for both sides of the equation below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ


Simon Barker
I agree with the sentiment but: > can generally be built over a weekend I'm clearly a very slow developer ๐Ÿคฃ
@simon_barker1 potential exaggeration! I've also rarely built in a weekend - maybe i'm slow too ๐Ÿ˜‚. The argument could be rephrased to - can be built in a short period of time.
Mounir Nejjai
what if you start a side project while you already have a startup? ๐Ÿค”
@mounir_nejjai hadn't thought of that! Although I have seen a lot of 'startups' launch side projects that are somewhat related to their 'startup' as a marketing tactic to gain more users. I think it's pretty innovative and drives strong results.
Yuri Lisin
Sounds natural what your're saying. The transition from side project to startup can be quite subtle I guess:) By the way, what is Side Project OS you're working on?
@yuryfication I agree! Especially if it's a successful side project it can very quickly take off and become a much bigger beast. I'm working on a Notion space to serve as an operating system for Side Projects. Planning to launch on PH tomorrow :)
Sergio Zaciu
I think it's Ryan Breslow who believes in the 4-day work week and says Fridays should be dedicated to your side project. I kinda like that train of thought. What do you think?
@szaciu I rate that idea! I've heard that Google gives employees time every month (maybe week?) so explore curiosity/work on a side project too. Encouraging innovation from within is a great initiative.
Paul VanZandt
If you have the means and the market validation, go for a startup. If you just want to explore your entrepreneurial side and want o build something with a colleague, side projects are definitely the way to go. I'd be interested in hearing what side projects you've been working on!
@paul_vanzandt Great way to put it! My side projects are mainly products revolved around Notion. Are you primarily working on Fresco?
LaLa Artica
Absolutely agree. I really have no idea what technically makes up the difference between a side project or a startup. However, I can see myself working on a side project and do not at all identify as someone with a startup.
@mobilemediamania me too! It's more an identity statement perhaps. I tend to agree with you that I see myself (at least for now) working on side projects
Fabian Maume
I agree with the general idea. However, I think it is important to distinguish startups with fundraising vs bootstraped. If managed well, bootstrap doesn't require much capital and doesn't have high impact on failure.
Helen Fiala
Sell what you know, I am sure you are an expert in a certain field - it deserves to be heard: eBook, Workbook etc :-) Good luck, you can do it!
David M
If the side project takes off you can always convert it into a startup ๐Ÿ˜