Social Media Polls

George Boutsalis
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When the people you follow post polls on to their social media feeds or stories, do you participate in the vote? If you don't please share the main reason why you don't. Thanks!


Rashmi Gupta
No, lot of time they are no so relevant, sometime not very clear and then sometimes lot of followup questions I don't want to handle. Also, sometimes I dont want to give info about my political preferences or stuff like that.
Fabian Maume
Most of the polls post are actually to try hacking the social media algorithm. Posts with polls usually have higher engagement rate and therefor distribution rate. If you want a fun explanation about the topic check it this regarding YouTube polls:
Jaskiran Kaur
I thinks the polls are interesting way to interact with people and especially a curiosity to know what people has chosen
Asif Kamal
it rlly doesnt hurt so I always do most of the time.
Demetris Milton
Expand my knowledge and abilities. Actually the post is very real. kroger feed schedule
Any interactive experience for that matter is always more engaging than static posts. I'd always suggest adding social media polls, instead of a static image