Is Clubhouse Overrated?

George Boutsalis
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George Boutsalis
Curious what people think!
Shiva Prabhakaran
Still not used it but most people I have spoken to who have used it don't see it sustaining after the current hype cycle.
George Boutsalis
@killshiva I would agree with this sentiment. Personally I am not a fan and I've tried to give it a few attempts to stick. I still much rather listen to a podcast or audiobook over people pandering to one another.
Madhurima Halder
I absolutely don't think Clubhouse is overrated. Here's an article from @Crmrecruit that can in fact change your mind once you realise how to use it. ! Let me know your thoughts?
ali ata
A lil' bit unfortunately, I called it "Elon Musk Effect" :) But it is obvious that ClubHouse helped so much people, maybe economically maybe mentally..