So we just launched our MVP, have some users and some traction... then what's next?

Emmanuel Lefort
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How should we decide about what should be our next features and direction to take for the product. Any advice?


Maciej Cupial
Talk to your customers. Allow them to contact you easily. How about video sessions one-to-one?
Emmanuel Lefort
@maciej_cupial Definitely - we have setup a calendly and have reached out 1x1 to all users that have spent a bit of time on the App. Will see how this evolves.
Eudald Camprubi
Do you have some kind of metrics on how your tool is used? You could go deeper on those key functionalities so you can difference from potential competitors and be the very best on some specific features. Also like @maciej_cupial said, talk to your users is a must to understand what they expect from you.
Emmanuel Lefort
@maciej_cupial @eudald_camprubi We have mixpanel lined-up and we monitor each core feature, but for now the retention is quite low so we need to understand more about the first few minutes with the App and users understand the benefits (if any...).
Sharath Kuruganty
If I were you, here's what I would do: - Find early believers and treat them as champions by offering LTDs. - Start talking to the people who use your product daily and build what they want. - Don't spend too much time tinkering and start iterating the product. - Double down on content creation. Preferably write use-cases and sell stores from existing users. - Highlight testimonials from existing users and build social capital on the Internet. - Start onboarding influencers based on the initial traction. Use them to find more users. - Definitely launch on Product Hunt. - Lastly, document everything you're doing and start building in public.
Hemant Warier
@shawn_mclean Life time deals, I presume. @5harath Am I right?
Taylan Kaymakcı
@5harath great recommendations, thank you so much
Emmanuel Lefort
@5harath Really good recos, thanks a lot! LTDs is definitely on the list. @komalnarwani is in the starting blocks for the PH launch!
Mario Camús 🤓
Good question @emmanuel_lefort1! First things first, I guess you achieved Product-Market-Fit, right? If not, then it's time to work on it. However, if you achieved it then I would say it's time to grow. How do you do it? 1. Listen to your customers and give them more of what they like/want from your product. 2. Work on your activation and retention phases from the funnel 3. Start your user acquisition strategies 4. Do experiments - a/b tests (in order to know what works best) Usually, the role who makes all this is the growth manager. I hope you find this useful! If you need some more info, let me know 🤟🏼
Emmanuel Lefort
@mariocamus Thanks Mario - all good ones! We are rebuilding the onboarding flow (in the App) as we speak as that was mentioned as the first breaking point.
Mario Camús 🤓
@emmanuel_lefort1 nice! Onboarding is a critical stage 💪🏼
Emmanuel Lefort
Since a couple of days we have started systematically reaching out to users that are active with the App, but also to users that just walked in and left. The findings are super interesting: * some users are very active but using a much smaller set of feature than what the app can do. They didn't even find how to use one of the main feature. --> MVP wasn't "M" * most active users are very much into this type of App and are happy to spend time and effort to understand --> these our our cherished 2.5% early adopters :)) * a lot of walk-away users have understood the use case of the App but didn't have anything to "capture" when first testing Weavit. Then they forgot about us. --> how to get them back ?! * and a large part of users came in, looked and did not really understand the value and how to use the App. --> need to beef up the onboarding. Clearly the App is not as intuitive as we thought. Let's go!