What are the 4 Apps you put in your phone's instant access bar and why ?

Emmanuel Lefort
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- WhatsApp -> 95% of my communications - Slack -> 95% of my pro communications - Twitter -> 95% of my social communications - Weavit -> 95% of my thoughts capturing


Martina Hackbartt
Changing the way teams work @ ReSkript
Hey, great discussion! Mines are a bit classic and unexplained😂 maybe I should change them! - Whatsapp: 95% of my communications - Phone: I think I have it there out of tradition, I use it once in a while. - Spotify: I listen to music quite a lot while doing very different things, so this is justified haha. - Messages: this one's the worst. I never use this...
Emmanuel Lefort
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@martina_hackbartt hehe - time for a little change then :)
I have two folders down there so...its a long list.
Paul VanZandt
Founder of Fresco
Gmail, Safari, Messages, Spotify. Messages is the only app on there I really use multiple times a day, the rest of the apps I need are organized on my screen. I would put slack on there but I try to separate my phone from my workspace to get some space between those two worlds (gmail is personal, not business).
Nabeel Amir
I am the Product Owner @ WorkHub
WhatsApp - that is a must Twitter - for socialization Gmail - as I often get official mails Slack - you already know why :D
Rajeev Singh
A builder who loves to play with APIs
- WhatsApp -> 95% of my communications - WhatsApp -> 95% of my pro communication Via https://whush.pro/ - WhatsApp -> 95% of my thoughts capturing Via https://whush.pro/ - GPay -> for payments
nav shelf - Phone, messages, playstore, vivaldi Top- file explorer to access files, gallery, tilda, google tasks
James Hollston
New kid on the block
Telegram -> 95% of my communications Twitter -> 95% of my news Gmail -> 95% of my work communications GPay -> 95% of my payments
Hammer Harshbargerson
content writer
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