Small free product to start on PH - hot or not?

Lena Krzemieniewska
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Hey! I don't feel ready to launch fully on PH yet, but I want to build my community and brand here. Do you think that launching small product, freemium model, would be a good idea? To get this exact one you should log in into proper platform. Will it dilute final effect while launching product itself or not? What's your opinion?


Maxwell Davis
Note sure but a Ship page is another option for you...
Christian C
Try the ship page as suggested by Maxwell and build a network of users before launching. I'm doing this for
Lena Krzemieniewska
@maxwellcdavis & @chriscarex - thank you so much! Didn't know those exist, I started one here I'm not sure if this would be helpful in this case though - we already launched the product itself, it's freemium part is already valuable a lot, I'm just not ready to launch on ProductHunt, since I don't want to miss a chance for full launching potential. Did you guys promoted your products before launching somehow different than Ship page? And do you see real interest in your Ship content?
Christian C
@lena_krzemieniewska @maxwellcdavis same here, need to push more, will update the website with a banner and do some more promotion first
Brian Nutt
We are pegging a Summerish launch for our full platform but along the way decided to spin out a feature we think can stand alone. My hope is this creates community and a forum for feedback as we work towards the larger release. I don’t have a ship page for either product yet but think it makes sense once I have a date I’m confident in for release to users. If you want to see the free product, you can login at but keep in mind it’s still early.