Slack vs. Discord

David Barneda
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your take


Sebastian Potcher
Slack has better integration for business. Like Trello
Hwei Oh
From an intuitive user experience - I've found Slack easier to use. I think I'm also biased given I've used Slack more, so very familiar with their interface, setting up notifications etc.
Slack is best for business in my opinion. Discord is more to the fun side (Gaming & active communities) than to business.
Tasos Valtinos
Slack is for sharing feelings, discord is for sharing code :P
Elen Udovichenko
We've actually tested out Discord as an alternative to Slack last year for about a month. Decided to stay with Slack for now. Discord is ok, but it doesn't really feel like a working environment (plus, having your mic enabled by default after installation felt a bit awkward for me 😅)
Henry Dobson
Definitely Discord. I only recently learned that it was used mainly by gamers. Used both extensively but Discord is just way better. The first thing is that no one can read your private chats as they are not in the company server. Sadly, an employer can ask for the conversations of allll employees on slack. I don't really like that. Hoping on voice chat for different teams is also a lot easier in my opinion.
Alexa Vovchenko
We use both, but our sales team likes hanging out on Discord. Slack is more for general announcements, planning etc.
Kira Leigh
Discord because the suits live on Slack. No but, for reals. Slack has its benefits, but I've been running Discord servers for 4 years; it's just more familiar to me and feels more personal. Slack is for work. Discord? For fun work.
Ilia Pikulev
I use Discord for gaming only, Slack (before switch) was used for work. So, unless you do both at the same, that shouldn't be a question :) * Went away from Slack to Coloban (within the team) and to MSTeams (within the company)
Benoit Chambon
I used Discord during the first lockdown. We used to take a "tea" break with my team on Discord (pretty fun!). But I more often use Slack.
Süheyla Şeker
Discord for daily life. Slack for business.
Vikram Sahu ꩜
Discord for community and Slack for enterprise.
Cezary Dobrowolski
We use both. Discord is for fun talk. As a remote team, EmployPlan has to find it's ways of engagement, so Discord will definitely do. Although, when it comes to stuff related to our work, we use Slack. More integrations.
Richard Fang
imo Slack but if you have a target audience of gamers, Discord might work as well
Judith Ackerman
Discord because I like it more :P