Should young people go to the office instead of working remotely?

Jay Remode
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I hear a lot of talk about how it's important to be learning and building relationships in-person instead of over the internet. But some of my best friends are people I met online and I love the freedom to work from anywhere, is the office overrated?


Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
I've found it much easier to make friends online than IRL! I have friends from all over the world that I've met through twitter and various slack communities I'm part of! And some of my best coworker friends have been via remote jobs where we only see each other once a year (if that... lookin' at you pandemic).
I guess, it varies from person to person. And one should work the way one likes.
I prefer flexibility over stress. Remote is perfect for me.
Dale Nguyen
Based on personal experience, I would say travel & work remotely. The life experience & things that you learn from living in another place are invaluable.